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  • Jackie Dana

    Jackie Dana

    Freelance writer & author who believes in the power of dreams. Writes (mostly) about creativity & storytelling. Find her at storycauldron.substack.com.

  • Erika Burkhalter

    Erika Burkhalter

    Photographer, yogi, cat-mom, lover of travel and nature, spreading amazement for Mother Earth, one photo, poem or story at a time. (MA Yoga, MS Neuropsychology)

  • Debbie Porter Zimon

    Debbie Porter Zimon

  • Suraj Ghimire

    Suraj Ghimire

    Follower of Jesus Christ | Data Science Student | I write stories of a random heart that I come across | Connect with me https://linktr.ee/authorsuraj

  • Tracey Folly

    Tracey Folly

    I am EXACTLY who I pretend to be. https://traceyfolly.com/

  • Jack Arthur Wilde

    Jack Arthur Wilde

    Real. Gutteral. Heartfelt.

  • d. e. fulford, ma, macw

    d. e. fulford, ma, macw

    Instructor, editor, and author of poetry collection— southern atheist: oh, honey — from Cathexis Northwest Press

  • J.D. Harms

    J.D. Harms

    Former hairstylist, perpetual philosophy student, swallowed by poetry, writing, ideas

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