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There are two types of people in this world — people who like being naked, and people who do not. People who prefer to wear little to no clothing, versus people who get dressed as soon as they wake up. I am a naked person.

For me, being a naked person isn’t something that just happened out of thin air. I have been a naked person my whole life. Some of my earliest memories are of me being naked.

Granted, I grew up at a time when that was pretty socially acceptable — to a point. My parents’ generation were the hippies. I remember walking around in the garden behind my house naked. There are pictures of little me walking around naked somewhere.

I know for a while my mother had to really make sure I didn’t just start stripping anywhere— I wasn’t ashamed at all. No shame. I was probably between the ages of 4 and 6 years old.

At some point, I learned a little shame. I learned to keep my clothes on in public. Or, at least I learn that that was that socially acceptable thing to do.

The bathrobe

The bathrobe is a constant throughout my life. If I could wear a bathrobe all the time, I totally would. In fact, Zulie Rane wrote a piece that lived out that fantasy for me:

Apparently, it wouldn’t end well — that’s a bummer.

To me, being in a bathrobe is essentially being naked. I mean, you might wear underwear under your bathrobe — I usually don’t. I believe in freedom.

A bra is The Man. A bathrobe is home. The two just can’t mix.

My husband, who is decidedly not a naked person, will not wear a bathrobe.

He is always dressed — completely and fully dressed at all times. He’s not a fan of the naked-person-lifestyle. In fact, as we age, he is getting closer and closer to being a never-nude (the complete and total opposite of a naked person. See “Arrested Development” for more information).

When my husband came upstairs and I told him what I was writing about, he asked if I wrote about him, and called in a never-nude. He hadn’t even read the draft yet. See, I’m onto something here.

For the record, upon reading the draft, my husband says he’s not a never-nude — he’s an “always prepared.” As in — he’s always prepared for when someone knocks on our door, and I am not— queue the eye rolls.


Well, as you can imagine, college is when I really started to re-connect with my true naked-person-ness.

There were bathrobes times. There were running around in my underwear crunk as hell times. And, there were naked times.

Working at Home

Now that I’m working at home, I barely ever dress myself.

I put on work out clothes to go running. Sometimes, that’s the extent of me dressing myself for the day. And sometimes, that’s just workout pants and a sports bra. I run in the middle of the day — no one sees me.

The rest of the day is bathrobe central.

Today was the first day in almost 2 weeks that I straightened my hair and put on a full-face of makeup and put on a dress. I didn’t leave the house, but I felt pretty. It’s nice to be put together sometimes…

But, I couldn’t find my deodorant. Good thing I work from home!

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