A Poem

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Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

I am overwhelmed
by your talent,
your choice of words
much like my own —
simple yet profound.

I am overwhelmed
by your breath and depth of skill —
you honed your craft,
you beat the odds,
you embodied the kind of exellence
That makes me hope
to fill your shoes someday.

I am overwhelmed
by what could have been
at a different time
in a different place
if I had ever known you
or merely been in your presence.

I am overwhelmed
by how little I know about you
yet we are deeply connected
by blood,
by flesh,
and by pen.

Author’s note: My great grandmother, Frieda Goldberg, was a poet, and published a book in 1955 called “A Sweet Duet.” A copy of the book is in the Library of Congress — she was a big deal. I recently got a copy of the book and am reading it for the first time. My hope is to publish a book honoring her poetry and her story. This poem might be the start to that book.

Written by

Perpetual student, searching for my ikigai. I am an Artist in artistic recovery care of Julia Cameron. Top writer in poetry. ❤️POM-Poet!❤️

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