I get carded more now than when I was in my Twenties

Sam Kimberle
10 min readAug 24, 2019
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Here I am, into my thirties now, trying to get a drink at a restarant. I’m here with my husband, and we’re basically the same age. I order a Moscow mule from a waitress who, without taking a beat, asks to see my ID. This is much to my surprise, since all throughout my twenties I was rarely, if ever, carded.

Now, I can’t go anywhere where I would want to order an alcoholic beverage without bringing my ID.

I don’t feel like I look young. In fact, I’ve never felt like I have looked young. Throughout my life I have attracted older men. I was more physically developed, particularly in the chest area, before most of my friends in school. I have never, ever been told that I look younger than I am.

Getting carded more frequently has gotten so noticable that recently my mother-in-law said something in conversation about it — something to the affect of “yeah, Sam always gets carded.”

Before I heard mother-in-law mention it, I thought I was being paranoid. Nah, I’m not getting carded more now, it’s all in my head — I thought. Apparently not, since others are noticing now too. This is fascinating to me.

I’m not a heavy drinker. I very rarely drink to get drunk. I don’t prefer the taste of alcohol much. I like mixed drinks, and I enjoy hard cider, particularly with meals at restaurants. I’ll order one or two drinks, and that will be enough.

I’m no lush. Though it may be the case that Lush, the cosmetic and skin care line, may have something to do with this.

The main, and important, question is: Why?

Why am I being IDed more now than when I was younger? And also, why do I care?

For this first question, why I feel I’m being IDed more now than when I was younger, I have 5 theories I will share with you here:

1. Security has generally increased in my area.

Though it is possible that security has generally increased in my area, it seems unlikely. Also, if that were the case, other people would feel like they are being carded more, too.

Granted, my husband doesn’t drink, and we haven’t been going out with friends a…



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