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Read my lips
When I say no
I don’t mean yes.

This no comes from the mouth of a woman
With thick red lips —
Parted —

Effortlessly titillating
Regardless of my will.

Is there any other time
You may believe
No means yes?

Why do the words confuse you
When they come from my lips?
Entrancing you with the graceful movement of my tongue
Against my teeth
With all of the authority I can muster
But it’s not enough
To convince you that
What’s best for me.

You don’t know what I think and feel.
How I toss and turn,
Haunted by your image in my mind’s eye.

You disgust me and disturb me

Because I have read your lips.
They are naturally uninviting
Your putrid breath
hot and sticky
The stench lingering in the air long after you are gone.

Your lips told me that I am not enough.
They told me to sit down and shut up —
To stop dreaming I will become
Someone who can say no with authority.
(And anyone will listen)

But read my lips
And hear these words:

This isn’t over and never will be.
You are a lazy piece of shit
resting on your laurels.
I will fight to the death.
And if I go down,
I’m taking you with me.

End of discussion.

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