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Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

If you believe
You have no fear
No longer ever
You rest too heavily
On your laurels.

If you feel
You have no feeling
Of being an imposter
I will make you
Laugh with nervousness
Uncomfortable tones
Can’t be denied.

For —

It excites me
To make you nervous.
It invigorates me
To see you unearthed
Awakened from
Your safe slumber.
Burried beneath
Your meloncoly.

You may be Goliath
A demi-god
Standing atop
An Athenian mountain,
You may proclaim
You are a narcisist
But —

You are not as headstrong
As a horse.
Your bared teeth
Bring me no fear.
You bleed red blood
The same as me.

And I believe
We can each
Shine brighter, dear.

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