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“You better not be taking this picture to make fun of me” Frank says. (Photo by Author)

Happy Thankful Thursday! (And Happy Halloween)

I keep forgetting it’s Halloween because for me, as an artist and a crafter, Halloween feels like it’s been over for weeks. I have had to move quickly from Halloween to Christmas to prepare for the 7 shows I have coming up in the next 6 weeks! The holidays are a busy times for creatives!

For those of you who are new to Thankful Thursday, welcome!

I put together a post each week on Thursday to express my gratitude. Here is my video explaining Thankful Thursday. I feel like a video is more genuine than quoting myself in writing week to week. Take a look at the video recording, below:

In short, just in case you can’t watch the video (or it doesn’t work), each person, story, publication, etc. I select based on making me feel like I want to express gratitude. If you don’t want to follow me or what I write, I’m totally fine with that — that’s not the point of this. But, I love it when you support each other.

Love you all — just trying to spread the love!

Also, if you’re on Facebook and would like to see my live Thankful Thursday updates, please be sure to follow me at: “Sam Kimberle Writer, Creative Entrepreneur.”

Be sure to check out my video from this morning below if you’re interested.

Of course, I’m grateful for reading stories and meeting people through Medium that inspire me every day.

Here are my selections for this week, in no particular order:

  1. Christina Ward 💗 never fails to disappoint, particularly in the world of poetry. We here in the poetry community aren’t doing so well so far under this new Medium payment structure, but Christina continues to lift us up with her writing, and her Facebook group POM. This poem is particularly inspirational to me because it’s a specific type of sonnet I had never heard of before. And, it was only Christina’s second attempt at writing one. Of course, she knocked it out of the park — this sonnet is beautiful. Read her poem here:

2. Jk Mansi is always a strong voice of positivity and optimism. I love how this piece reads. It is a prose piece, and I’m not sure if she would call it a poem, but if not, it is certainly deeply poetic. To me, it is about writing for the art of writing — writing because we love to write, no matter the outcome. It’s stunning, and it’s exactly what so many of us need to hear and read. Please enjoy Juhi’s piece here:

3. Jessica Archuleta wrote this poem about perfectionism that struck a nerve with me. Perfectionism is the ugly goblin that gets on so many of our backs, and whispers the ugliest things into our ears. Jessica reminds us to be patient with ourselves. My favorite line: “she needs to stop fighting perfection by refusing to show up for the fight.” Also, Jessica recently hopped onto the top Poets on Medium list, so if you get a chance, be sure to congratulate her! Read Jessica’s inspirational poem here:

4. A good friend of mine Eilidh Horder wrote this devastating poem about domestic violence, and how it’s handled in the court system. Unfortunately, it seems like the problems in DV cases are international — they seem inescapable. This poem hit me because I have been there, too. The fear and pain that Eilidh depicts in this poem is very real — she’s done a great job with it. Read Eilidh’s poem here:

5. As if I didn’t love Yael Wolfe enough already, she seems as obsessed with the Addams Family as I am. Though, I have to say, I am more obsessed with Wednesday than with Morticia. In fact, I have dressed up as Wednesday Addams for Halloween multiple times, and there are even people who, at one point in my life, called me Wednesday. I’m not sure it was meant to be a compliment, but I took it as one, because I love her so much. She is powerful, and destructive, and devilish — all the good things in life. But, I completely agree that the relationship between Morticia and Gomez is covet-worthy. I’ll allow Yael to explain further, in her article here:

6. Anna Breslin is a poetic star, and this poem does not fall short of that description. I love how she developed the tension around two people as they fall in and out of love. When you get so close to someone, it is hard to see them for who they really are, if you are ever really able to, anyway. This piece moved me — it’s extremely inspirational and thought-provoking for me. Read Anna’s powerful poem here:

7. I love this poem by Guérin Asante, who never fails to disappoint. This poem is expressly about “the value of words,” but it is also about the value of the art of poetry. Someone leaves a response for Guerin at the end of the poem — perhaps it’s a slightly different interpretation than was originally intended — but Guerin embraces it. That’s what poetry is all about to me. Not to go off too much on a tangent, but I refuse to explain my poetry when it doesn’t feel right just to make money. I will not sacrifice the opportunity for people to have their own interpretations, and add their own value, to my words, just as we see here. Why? Because it’s art, and it’s beautiful and has value just the way it is. Read Guerin’s stunning poem here:

8. A little creepy and scary, Stephen M. Tomic published a short story that I wanted to share this week. More than being seasonally appropriate, this story sends a strong message about domestic violence, and looking to yourself for strength. It is incredibly well done. Read Stephen’s story here:

9. Ansel Guarneros is a fantastic Poet here on Medium. This poem is just one example of how he twists and turns words to create unexpected, emotional phrases that evoke powerful emotion. I love the last stanza of this poem, which I will allow you to read for yourself, here: (Also, he just published a book of his poetry, and you can find out more about that on his profile page).

10. Elle Rogers wrote this emotional poem about love — the kind of love that you deny and shut a bind eye to, but the more you push it away, the stronger it becomes. I know that kind of love, too, and it’s just as moving as her poem. Read her beautiful words, here:

Thank you to those who are a part of Thankful Thursday Post 14! Thank you to each of you for putting your work into the Medium community, allowing me to read it, and making my life a little brighter. You are wonderful — I am thankful for you.

Please read and support each other’s work — that means the world to me.

Also, here is my Facebook Live video recording from this morning. I talked about how I am grateful that it’s raining on Halloween, because that means my dog Frank (pictured above) might be a bit happier. He doesn’t like people knocking on our door, or really even being near our house, so the rain might cut down on the treat-or-treaters. I also mentioned that I am thankful for everyone who has signed up for the 2020 book club that I’m running, particularly since today is the last day to sign up for the early bird discount and perks.

But, most importantly, I am thankful for Adam, Diabetic Cyborg, who is such an inspiration. If you’re not already following Adam here, you should be. He is truly wonderful, and is facing some extremely difficult health diagnoses with optimist and grace, like the superhero that he is.

If you would like to watch this Thursday’s video, you can see it here:

Until next time, I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Thank you for reading!

Sam Kimberle is a Writer, Poet and Artist. Her primary creative mediums are words and clay. She received her B.A. from Dickinson College in Religion and Philosophy, M.A. from Temple University in Comparative Religion, and J.D. from the University of Baltimore School of Law. Instagram: Sam Kimberle, Facebook: Sam Kimberle, Writer Creative Entrepreneur

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Perpetual student, searching for my ikigai. I am an Artist in artistic recovery care of Julia Cameron. Top writer in poetry. ❤️POM-Poet!❤️

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