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That’s Frank getting ready to lick my husband’s face. View from the ground.

Happy Thankful Thursday!

For those of you who are new to Thankful Thursday, welcome!

I put together a post each week on Thursday to express my gratitude. Last week I posted this video explaining Thankful Thursday because I feel like it’s more genuine than quoting myself in writing week to week. Take a look at the video recording, below:

In short, just in case you can’t watch the video (or it doesn’t work), each person, story, publication, etc. I select based on making me feel like I want to express gratitude. If you don’t want to follow me or what I write, I’m totally fine with that — that’s not the point of this. But, I love it when you support eachother.

Love you all — just trying to spread the love!

Alright, here are my ten selections for this week, in no particular order:

2. A few days ago, Shannon Ashley shared this essay on realizing that she is a hoarder. Shannon is just a few steps ahead of me in terms of organization, but she is inspiring me to tell my story, too. I related so much to her message and process of understanding why she buys and hoards. Thank you Shannon for being so vulnerable and sharing your story with us. I hope I can be brave enough to tell my story soon, too.

3. Adam, Diabetic Cyborg is someone I am so incredibly grateful for in this crazy Medium world. I end up talking about Adam or including Adam in nearly every Thankful Thursday post because he is wonderful. This is a longer piece for Adam, and talks more about his life and his health journey. He also talks about collaborating with Michelle Monet to do an article and/or a book about his life, and I love that idea! There are few people as generous and optimistic as Adam, AND his birthday was this week. Read his article here, give him some love (and wish him a happy birthday):

4. Christina Ward 🌼 the beautiful poet and writer, wrote this poem about the process of writing poetry. It’s all very meta — I love meta. I love how she describes the ways poems come through you. She says “it is a gift to be their voice,” and I cannot agree more. Read her poem here:

5. Agnes Louis is a delightful and warm ray of sunshine, bringing light into Medium with her poetry. I went looking for one of her poems I had in mind for this Thursday’s post, but came across this more recent poem and felt I had to include it here. How could I not? The responses to the poem end in a group hug from people far and wide. I love love LOVE it! Hugs are the best. Read her poem here:

6. Madeline Dyer is a wonderful, talented writer who writes about so many important issues. One of my favorite areas that she writes about is disability. Madeline talks about the disability she has openly and honestly. This piece I have selected below opened my eyes to something I had previously ignored — how bias so many writers are when they give advice about writing. I don’t know why this didn’t cross my mind before, being a disabled writer myself. But, Madeline’s essay is so very vital. Please read it here:

7. Jessica Archuleta is a marvelous writer and poet, sharing stories from her travels, her family, and beyond. Jessica is a genuinely kind, generous and patient person. She is an Editor of the publication One Table, One World, and I cannot thank her enough for the patience she has shown me in teaching me the ropes. As an aside, if you are unfamiliar with that publication, you should go check it out — it’s a wonderful place to share your stories of travel, food, health and culture. Though this poem is not in OTOW, it is my favorite of Jessica’s so far. I love the rhythm, the connection to her family, and the message of hope. Read it here:

8. It is commonly-held knowledge that Jun Wu is an amazing, talented and generally fantastic person. She also has a background in techy stuff that makes my head spin. I know she has a great audience for her tech pieces, so I don’t feel too bad when I say I’m often not one of them. BUT, this piece caught my attention. Special education holds a huge place in my heart. I spent years working on special ed. issues — through law school and after. If I ever go back into practicing law, it will probably be in special ed. I love that Jun wrote about how AI can help kids with disabilities. Read her piece here:

9. Kyrie Gray wrote this funny (but also not so funny) piece about the things that scare her. So many of the precautions that Kyrie apparently takes to protect herself I do as well. And we agree on a particularly peculiar fear: the fear of losing all of our teeth. It’s a strange one, but it terrifies me. Read her piece here:

10. I love that I have been seeing more of Brian Rowe venturing out of the “writing about writing” pieces and into other areas. Exploration is the spice of life. So far, this poem of his is one that I love. I’m not sure if he meant it to be funny or not, but I thought it was hilarious. I read it again just now and I still think it’s hilarious. And boy do I relate. WTF is bitcoin?! I would take one of Brian’s definitions over an actual definition of bitcoin anytime, any day. Read his poem here:

Another Thankful Thursday is in the books! Thank you all for making my life a more shiny, funny, thoughtful, and generally better place! I am grateful for every one of you, and blessed you are a part of my life.

Please read and support each other’s work — that means the world to me.

Until next time, I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Thank you for reading!

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Perpetual student, searching for my ikigai. I am an Artist in artistic recovery care of Julia Cameron. Top writer in poetry. ❤️POM-Poet!❤️

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