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Happy Thankful Thursday!

For those of you who are new to Thankful Thursday, welcome!

I put together a post each week on Thursday to express my gratitude. Here is my video explaining Thankful Thursday. I feel like a video is more genuine than quoting myself in writing week to week. Take a look at the video recording, below:

In short, just in case you can’t watch the video (or it doesn’t work), each person, story, publication, etc. I select based on making me feel like I want to express gratitude. If you don’t want to follow me or what I write, I’m totally fine with that — that’s not the point of this. But, I love it when you support eachother.

Love you all — just trying to spread the love!

Also, if you’re on Facebook and would like to see my live Thankful Thursday updates, please be sure to follow me at: “Sam Kimberle Writer, Creative Entrepreneur.”

NEW: This week, I uploaded a recording of my live video on Facebook from this morning to this post! I’m proud of myself for figuring out how to do that, even though this Thursday I’m not actually feeling great, and I certainly don’t look my best.

In case you don’t want to watch the video below or it doesn’t work, I talked today about being thankful for grit, being able to work from home, and people who make me smile even when I don’t want to or it hurts.

Even though I’m not feeling or looking my best, that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful. In fact, it’s quite the opposite — I am grateful for all of the opportunities I have in my life, including the opportunity to be reflective and deal with some of my personal demons.

And, of course, I’m grateful for reading stories and meeting people through Medium that inspire me every day.

Here are my ten selections for this week, in no particular order:

  1. Starting with something a little lighter, Jenny Justice wrote this piece about how we can sometimes struggle here on Medium as Poets. Jenny and I both predominately write poetry, and when you start playing the comparison game to tech writers, you can tell their wallets are likely much fatter than ours. So, Jenny asks in her humor piece for us to be adopted. I love the concept and execution from a humor perspective, and I can agree that it would be nice to be thrown a bone every once in a while. Read Jenny’s piece here:

2. Every time I read something Tre L. Loadholt wrote it makes the ground under me shake just a little. Her command over word choice and arrangment is palpable and powerful. Her writing is consistently moving and soulful. Whenever I see a new post I read it right away. I love both Tre and her writing. Read Tre’s latest poem here:

3. Tammy Breitweiser is a part of the book group that I created to read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. We are currently on week 6 of the book, which means we are half way through. Tammy wrote about the book, and her experience so far reading it in a group. She has read the book before, but not with a group. I found her insights and reflections fascinating, and I think you will too. Tammy is a wonderful friend and a great writer. Read her article on The Artist’s Way here:

4. I loved this one by Christina Ward 🌼 this week. Even though she doesn’t, or didn’t, like the title, I did. I relate to this, big time. It’s hard to embrace your talent. I relate to the fear of success. If you relate too, you should definitely read Christina’s poem here:

5. Maggie Lupin — you and I are on the same wave length. I have several of Maggie’s articles stashed away for future Thankful Thursday posts because we are concerned about, and interested in, a lot of the same issues, and because she’s a really fantastic writer. I enjoy reading her articles once the titles hook me into them. This fabulous article looks at what it really means to be an introvert — though I might say, what it means to be an extrovert introvert — someone who seems extroverted, but is really introverted. If you, like me, identify this way, Maggie, we are in good company with this likes of Oprah! Anyway, please read and enjoy Maggie’s article here:

6. I just read this fiction story by Zarina Dara 🥀💃🏻 last night after having it bookmarked for a few days. I enjoyed it IMMENSELY. For those who may not know, I have a master’s degree in Religion, with a focus on eastern philosophy (Hinduism and Buddhism). I have not yet made my way to India, but I have wanted to go to India for nearly 15 years now. One day I will make it there, but in the meantime, I very much enjoyed this story. I hope you do too:

7. Juliette Roanoke published this poem about her experience as an at-home healthcare provider. She tells the story of convincing her patient to be compliant with his treatment plan. What she doesn’t say is how difficult that must have been — she makes it look easy. She also doesn’t say how high the risks were, but I imagine they were high for everyone involved. This is a story about a person saving another person’s life. It is incredibly moving. Please read her poem here:

8. Guérin Asante and I will one day both live in Atlanta and attend at least one Allison Krauss concert together — that is my dream, and I’m determined to make it a reality. Thank you for this beautiful poem, Guérin, that makes me grateful for our friendship. You really are the sweetest. Read Guerin’s poem here:

9. As readers of my Thankful Thursday post from last week, Rebeca Ansar, in particular, might remember, I have a real knack for killing plants. I wish it wasn’t this way, but it is. I also love reading about mental health issues, as I suffer from a bag of my own. I love the way that Katlyn Roberts writes about coping with her struggles by purchasing and caring for this plant. Her article is insightful and incredibly well-written. I encourage you to read her article here:

10. Adam, Diabetic Cyborg is a beautiful, wonderful person. If you’re not following him on Medium, you should be. In this article, Adam provides an update regarding his medical condition. He also gives me a shout-out regarding my Thankful Thursday video from last week, where I talked about my mantra “you can do hard things.” Adam is the King of doing hard things and staying positive. Be sure to read his post here:

Thank you to those who are a part of Thankful Thursday Post 8! Thank you to each of you for putting your work into the Medium community, allowing me to read it, and making my life a little brighter. You are wonderful — I am thankful for you.

Please read and support each other’s work — that means the world to me.

As promised, this week I am including my Facebook Live video from this morning. You may view it here:

I would love to know what you think!

Until next time, I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Thank you for reading!

Sam Kimberle is a Writer, Poet and Artist. Her primary creative mediums are words and clay. She received her B.A. from Dickinson College in Religion and Philosophy, M.A. from Temple University in Comparative Religion, and J.D. from the University of Baltimore School of Law. Instagram: Sam Kimberle, Facebook: Sam Kimberle, Writer Creative Entrepreneur

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Perpetual student, searching for my ikigai. I am an Artist in artistic recovery care of Julia Cameron. Top writer in poetry. ❤️POM-Poet!❤️

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